For Fucking's Sake

For Fucking’s Sake is a text service that distributes condoms and STI kits. It offers a free discreet condom delivery service straight to user’s homes.


Using a SMS algorithm, a text-bot sends a text each month to those who have previously used the service, reminding them to keep their condoms stocks full. Utilising this entry point, the service then asks users if they’d like to include a STI kit with their condom delivery. The STI kits will be offered annually in accordance to BASHH (British Association for Sexual Health and HIV) guidelines. This is all then supported by an online service.


Inspired by the observation that friends give friends condoms, stickers with details of how to access the service turn each condom into a promotion tool.


Uniquely, the STI kits come in packs of two, reflecting the behavioural observation that most people visit the clinic with a friend or partner.