Magnum Archive

A data visualisation for the Magnum photography archive, allowing people to discover the archive in an exploratory manner and also provide a useful research/working tool.


The two different outcomes reflect the two different users. First, an interactive table and projection for those who are interested in photography for leisure.


Transparent cards of an individual photographer are placed on an interactive table surface. They show the themes, with a data visualisation of the colour spectrum of the photographs.


Multiple cards can be placed on the table, with lines visualising how the photographers share themes, which can be selected through tapping the bubbles.


The map feature shows the location of the photographs, with a balloon circle which indicates the number of photos in that location.


Multiple lines will appear as more cards are placed onto the table. The user taps on a country to select it as a filter.


The second was a website, designed more as a working tool for those involved with photography in a professional sense.

The map feature allows for geographic selection, and a timeline to select a timespan. The most important theme-related historical events are shown on the side. Users zoom in and out to enlarge the area of interest.


A photo stream is shown at the bottom of the page, with the option to access the full selection through a pull up screen. The user then has access to other filters such as colour selection.


Filtered photographs can then be viewed enlarged, with more information accessed by clicking on a single photograph.